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Designers at Play

To create is to play and so is to celebrate. Completing 10 years of our joint creative journey, we saw no better way to honor the occasion than to have a temporary re-launch of our workshop in one of our favorite places: the exhibition space of downtown Athens bar Match Point. The event took place in July 2016 and involved the in situ production of a number of graphic applications and pattern-objects, centered on two themes: the so-called food project and the streets and buildings of the wider Victoria Square area, where Match Point is located.

exhibition poster

adding color

print on fabric, framing areas of the motif

print on wood, framing areas of the motif

wooden serving surfaces – victoria pattern

sleeping mask – print on fabric – victoria pattern


This part of the event involved a series of experimentations with photographic images of food and with all the symbolisms that such images carry. Fans, sleep masks and even an XXL-size t-shirt made up a humorous story from our visits to small restaurants and pastry shops of the Victoria Square area, featuring pictures so vibrant that you’d be tempted to taste them as well as strangely familiar “faces” that you’d love to strike up conversations with.

fans with handmade wooden handles

food project wall installation

wall installation – sleeping masks