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The “Thrace” pattern draws its inspiration from the traditional tsevres. Tsevres (plural: tsevredes) is a type of folk embroidery, renowned for its unique aesthetics and craftswomanship. Featuring colorful floral motifs, it was traditionally created by Greek women of Eastern Thrace and Asia Minor. The natural world provided the main theme for these pieces of needlework (branches, leaves from various trees, flowers, grapes, vine leaves etc.). Tsevredes were used for decorating walls and pieces of furniture alike. They were frequently offered up as wedding presents and considered an integral part of every Thracian home.
The Asian Minor and Thrace embroidery typifies a rare form of the traditional art form whose origins can be traced back to the Byzantine Period. Moreover, it represents the vernacular aesthetics of a whole area and era of Greek civilization.

Inspiration from the floral embroideries from Eastern Thrace and Asia Minor.

The Τhrace pattern is screen printed by hand onto natural fabrics in the only traditional printing house of this kind in Greece. This is a ‘slow’ manual procedure that confers unique texture and feel to the final product. The patterns are printed on 100% cotton canvases created by Greek textile makers. All colors used are water-based and eco-friendly. Each product comes with a unique composition of patterns.

Printed on natural fabrics the M2P pattern series is featured at the stylish Natural Greek Fabric store, in the historical centre of Athens. Central to the whole process is the silkscreen method. carried out in the the only traditional printing house of this kind in Greece.

Amazing flowers for the Thrace pattern on wooden placemats & coasters.