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Our Stories

2023 Eleusis

Our team was selected by the 2023Eleusis European Capital of Culture to present our project “City Patterns – Mystery 85” in the opening ceremony on the cultural coastline of Elefsina city. The first part of the project refers to an ephemeral installation of a series

Kriezotou 3 Window. An Artist Exhibits

In October 2016, we had the unique opportunity to showcase our work at the N. Hadjikyriakos-Ghika Gallery, home of the Benaki Museum Shop. Our concept for the exhibition/happening can be summed up in one phrase: “one dress – one detail”. In practice, what this meant

Urban Motifs Lab

One of our most interesting experiences to date, the Urban Motifs Lab explored the interrelation between design, art, folklore and anthropology, bringing together “microgeographies” (a project by the architect Hariklia Hari), Panagiotis Lybereas’ “textile & clothing lab” and our own creative practice. The Lab ran

Silkscreen technique

Researching and recording traditional techniques, reproduction methods and the people who practice them forms an important part of our work. In this context, we are proud to be collaborating with Mr. Michalis’ printing house: one of the last of its kind to use the silkscreen

Designers at Play

To create is to play and so is to celebrate. Completing 10 years of our joint creative journey, we saw no better way to honor the occasion than to have a temporary re-launch of our workshop in one of our favorite places: the exhibition space