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Fabric Vase / Alessia De Pasquale

The project: The concept behind these items was to create fabric dresses for plastic bottles, turning them into vases. The project is therefore doubly sustainable: they repurpose ordinary, everyday items but they also use eco-friendly materials, screen-printed through a “slow” procedure. We were happy to present the process of making this vase as speakers in the My Museum: . Furthermore, we organized our show Repurpose:
Who we worked with: We met the artist Alessia De Pasquale in 2018, in a most serendipitous, unexpected way and we have been collaborating and exchanging ideas with her ever since. Alessia has a background in art and fashion design and her contribution to the project was informed by both these disciplines.
The items: The shape of the fabric vases was based on Ancient Greek types of containers. The design for the pattern itself drew its inspiration from Epirotian embroideries of the 18th century. We then collaborated with a workshop specializing in traditional textile printing. We screen-printed the patterns by hand, using natural materials and eco-friendly, water-based colors, to produce unique figures, textures and feel.

Presented in My Museum Conference: The Museum as the Living Room of Society.
Ιnstallation from the exhibition in Benaki museum, Repurpose – Relocating the motif transforming the everyday.
Athens, Greece / 20.11.2019 – 15.01.2020

100% greek cotton fabric
Handmade and printed with silkscreen technique at a traditional textile printing house with certified eco colours

Poster of the exhibition at Benaki Museum Shop