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The pattern is derived from embroideries and shapes that are found in protocycladic ceramics of the Aegean bringing out the deepest symbolism of our collective memory. The composition was created by editing editing various designs and forms that were handpainted on prehistoric pieces of pottery – kernoi, jugs and vases. A repurposing of the original artefacts which gave birth to new accessories for the here and now.

Shapes and elements from the protocycladic ceramics

The collection consists of the Cyclades Knit project, along the Cyclades fabric vases. The archetypical pieces are reinvented into unique items, through the application of the jacquard and silk screen technique, and bring the M2P “Cyclades” pattern to life.

Printed on natural fabrics the M2P Milos denim vases are featured at the stylish HYPER HYPO store, in the historical centre of Athens. Central to the whole process is the silkscreen method. carried out in the the only traditional printing house of this kind in Greece.