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2023 Eleusis

Our team was selected by the 2023Eleusis European Capital of Culture to present our project “City Patterns – Mystery 85” in the opening ceremony on the cultural coastline of Elefsina city. The first part of the project refers to an ephemeral installation of a series of patterns printed on 10 natural-fiber banners.
The project was created through a research process on the folk heritage and cultural history of the various communities of Elefsina. Working closely with the local cultural associations that represent different areas of Greece, as well as the people who comprise these associations, we recorded their experiences, their memories from their ancestry and places of origin, and, finally, their art and symbols, as those are manifested in embroideries and other artifacts. Subsequently, and in accordance with the methodology that runs through all of our work, we isolated details from these images and narrations, and edited them into something new.

Mr. Theodoros with the Dodekanise pattern in Elefsina

Sofia with the Pontus pattern in Elefsina


The patterns correspond to ten different places: Asia Minor, Chios, Corfu, Crete, the Dodecanese Islands, Elefsina, Epirus, Peloponnese, Pontus, and Thessaly). Using the traditional silkscreen method, the banners were printed on natural fabrics, with eco-friendly materials. They will be posted on a corner building at 17 Kanellopoulou Street (38° 2′ 11.0256″N 23° 32′ 18.5957″ E), thus creating a visual narrative in open conversation with the city’s contemporary look. Afterwards, they will be given to and repurposed by the cultural associations.


The material for the City Patterns was collected through a research process pertaining to the city’s distinctive urban and natural environment, but more importantly to its people and their stories. Reaching out to the various cultural clubs within the area will contribute to recording the locals’ experiences, the images that they carry from their places of origin, their art, their embroideries, their symbols.

The patterns offers a fresh telling of the visions and memories of the area. They bring out the unique character of the Elefsina city as well as its cultural diversity.

The costume of Thessaly

The wooden fish and the old bricks from the Minor Asia Museum

“Youkos” the hand woven treasures forming an installation, in the Adrachti cultural museum of Elefsina

Hand woven carpet from Crete



Within the framework of Mystery 85 City Patterns, the M2P team also presented an experiential workshop that proposes a new look at patterns and introduces inventive ways of repurposing them, thus suggesting that tradition and memory can inspire new forms of creativity.

The second part of the project entails documenting the abovementioned research, curation and creative processes in the form of a printed document.


A project by: M2P (Aliki Kakoulidou, Dimitra Vasilakou)
Interviews, Data Collection and Text Editing conducted by: Yorgos Drosos
Architecture and Architectural Lighting Design: Kiki Kelesidou:
Photographer: Yannis Zindrilis
Traditional Printing house: Michalis Karamalis